Our Team

Meet Natalia Martin, a passionate advocate for the transformative power of walking. With a deep-rooted enthusiasm for outdoor activities and a wealth of experience gathered from years of exploring various terrains, Natalia has become a respected figure in the walking community. Her expertise is centered not just on the physical act of walking but on enhancing the experience to benefit both mind and body.

Natalia’s journey into the world of walking began in her youth, where she found solace and excitement in nature walks and hiking adventures. This passion blossomed over the years as she delved into researching and experimenting with different aspects of walking, from the technicalities of proper gear to the joyous communal aspects of shared walking games.

Recognizing the challenges that many face in starting or maintaining a walking routine, Natalia dedicated herself to becoming a resource for those seeking practical advice and motivation. She focuses on crafting solutions that address common and unique walking problems, making walking accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their fitness level or experience.

Her approach is holistic and inclusive, emphasizing walking as a gateway to improved physical health, mental clarity, and social interaction. Through her engaging talks and interactive workshops, Natalia inspires individuals to integrate walking into their daily lives as a form of exercise, exploration, and relaxation.

Natalia’s contributions to the walking community extend through various platforms where she shares insights on walking gear essentials, proposes fun walking games suitable for all ages, and champions the development of healthy walking habits. She also encourages exploring local walk adventures that enhance one’s appreciation of their environment.

For anyone looking to transform their walking routine or overcome barriers to becoming more active, Natalia Martin offers not only guidance but also a source of steady inspiration and support. Her mission is to empower individuals to step confidently, one foot at a time, towards a healthier and more connected lifestyle.

Email: natalia@awaywewalk.com